Why X-SAUCE sealant?

Because we all hate flats! Tubeless tires have become the widely accepted solution to the age old problem of punctures but thanks to our kit it is not necessary to change rims or even your tires to benefit from the advantages of a tubeless system and virtually eliminate 80-90% of all flats. See the 'Who's using X-SAUCE link' to the left to see some top riders who trust in X-SAUCE for racing and riding.

It was in 2002 that David Garcia Ayensa, a well known and successful Spanish biker, had the idea that he could create himself tubeless wheels without the necessity of buying special tires and rims.

David is downhill specialist so you can bet he put his sealant of the toughest of tests in the rocky Spanish mountains. The tests took over a year but finally in 2003 the product, under the name of Sincamaras, was launched and since then it has become the number 1 tubeless kit in Spain with thousands of kits sold.

If you use UST Tubeless tires X-SAUCE guarantees even better puncture protection. Also, if you have ever had a puncture with a UST Tubeless you will know that the detection of the puncture area is very difficult to detect. With X-SAUCE applied inside the tire any punctures will be immediately sealed up without the necessity of having to remove the wheel and putting in an innertube and saving you the following work of discovering the tire puncture by submerging the tire in water.

Now this highly successful kit has been re-named 'X-SAUCE' and is being introduced into the world.


The Secret's In The Sauce!

Whereas most tubeless kits contain not much more than latex and water, X-SAUCE has additional ingredients, thanks to extensive testing, that make it really work on the greatest number of tube and tubeless tires.