ECO-LUBE Wax Lubricant for chains



(SIZE 30 ML). 
(SIZE 125 ML)
(SIZE 500 ML).

Ecolube is a wax and water emulsion specifically formulated for bicycle chain lubrication in all weather conditions. We add PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene, an additive that helps to reduce friction and minimize chain’s wear. This lube will provide cleaner drivetrains, quiet operation and good longevity. Optimum viscosity and acceptable odor. A well-oiled chain with Ecolube will repel dirt, mud and water.

In the first application we advise degreasing the chain completely. Shake bottle and apply Ecolube to the rollers on the inside of the dry chain while turning the cranks. When all rollers are completely white you can stop adding lube. Don't wipe it off, let it dry completely before riding.

It is very important to allow the chain to dry completely before riding, especially in wet conditions. Never lube just before riding, even if you lubed the chain the previous day and the first application was dry.

For future uses clean the chain with a clean cloth before applying.

Applying Ecolube after each bike ride is the best way to keep the chain in perfect conditions, because Ecolube will be dry and ready for the next ride, offering the best performance.

Never mix Ecolube with oils. This will ruin Ecolube’s properties.

Old lube or oil will prevent Ecolube from penetrating into the cavities between the chain pins, rollers and plates where it is needed for optimum performance. Other lubricants will affect Ecolube causing a low efficiency of the wax and leaving black or gray waste.

If you have to leave the bike in a workshop, remember warning the crew NOT to apply any chain lubricant other than Ecolube, otherwise you will have to go through the tedious procedure of having to degrease your chain once again and start the process.

Ecolube application frequency will depend on the type of terrain, use and maintenance of the chain. After using Ecolube for some time, you will be able to tell how long an application lasts in your conditions. When you hear a dry noise in the chain, it is time to lube again with Ecolube, so during the beginning of the use of our wax, you should pay close attention to the maintenance. In general, Ecolube will last from 4 to 6 hours in dry conditions. This durability will decrease in wet conditions.

Applying Ecolube after each use is the best option because the lubricant will dry and be ready for the next ride. If you foresee wet conditions for the next ride, you should apply a second coat of Ecolube the night before. This will allow it to dry completely before usage, and will ensure a greater resistance in your route.