X-Sauce (formerly called Sincamaras) was born in 2001 when the idea of ​​manufacturing tubeless wheels without the need to purchase tires and special tires began to spread. The tests were long, until September of 2003, taking advantage of the Festibike of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Spain), we decided to present it modestly to the public. We have already lost count of tubeless kits and anti-puncture sealant cans that circulate around our borders. The half-liter sealant bottle is our best-selling product, also UST compatible removable valves. Our products use professional mountain bike equipment such as the Primaflor - Mondraker - Rotor or previously road equipment such as Caja Rural Seguros RGA, Saxo Bank and Movistar Team.



I had just bought my new wheels and a few days later I discovered that they had created a new system without cameras. I thought it was a great idea, so I started investigating how to remove the cameras from my new / newly purchased wheels. When I started thinking about how to tubelize my wheels, I had no idea, since my training was in other professional branches. I only knew that it had a special rim and bottom, which together with the valve completed the seal. In full experimentation, a report on the characterization of the Star Wars characters, I discovered latex. After many tests and combinations of the latex with the other components, I found the formula of a very effective sealant. He was born without cameras. Some time later it was called X-Sauce, a name and a more renewed image. Currently, in addition to continuing to improve the formula of the sealant year after year, we have been expanding the range of products, with lubricants based on wax, more ecological than oil helping to preserve the environment, cleaners, ribbons for tubing, valves and different accessories.
What started as a hobby, to tune my newly purchased wheels, with hard work and sacrifice, I managed not only to fix my wheels, but to make my passion my profession.