Corporate Environmental policy

X-SAUCE is committed to supporting the environment. Environmental sustainability and ethical practices have always been a foundational pillar for Multideporte Solutions S.L.  These practices have always and continue to inspire our values and business activity.  Our company´s commitment to the environment started at its inception given that our commercial activity was geared to outdoor activities therefore always connected to nature. Multideporte Solutions S.L. today and for years past has been a member of the Ecoembes program.  The objective of this program is to minimize environmental impact through promoting manufacturing with recycled materials, in some cases eliminating specific materials all together and reducing the weight of containers. Multideporte Solutions S.L. promotes sustainable logistic practices minimizing the number of deliveries to contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere thus reducing contamination that contributes to global warming and climate change.  The company always uses recycled cardboard boxes for its products.