X-Sauce is continually evolving its products and accessories for bike maintenance and now launches its new valves made of anodized aluminum black in color with our characteristic bright yellow valve cap.

The valves are sold in three sizes: 40mm, 60mm and 80mm.  They have been developed and tested for over 3 years and after many trials with different prototypes, we have landed on probably one of the best quality aluminum valves on the market. Manufactured under the highest quality control standards, these valves are manufactured from solid aluminum tubes, guaranteeing a more rigid, durable and resistant valve when comparted to many other valves on the market made from hollow aluminum tubes.  The three models assure the biker no extra weight as the per unit weight is minimum: 7g for the 80mm model, 6g for the 60mm model and 5g for the 40mm model.  Given its special black, anodized finish, it is highly resistant against rust.

X-Sauce is also introducing a new and exclusive rubber gasket available in a pack of two. These gaskets are compatible with all models of X-Sauce valves.  They are manufactured to our specific spec and with unique, resistant compounds used in the aerospace industry.  This compound ensures the gasket does not crack, adding another point in its favor.

Each and every valve undergoes exhaustive quality control where they are tested under performance pressure to ensure they work correctly.

The X-Sauce valves are sold at the following retail price:

40mm model: 14,5€
60mm model: 16,5€
80mm model: 18,95€