X-Sauce offers a wide range of products for your bike wheels: chain lubricants, cleaning and maintenance products. We are specialized in all that you need to keep your wheels in tip top shape. In this section you will find a wide variety of products that are our best-known brands.

Liquid sealants and anti-puncture sealants for all types of wheels; for tubeless mountain bike tires, that comes in a bottle with a yellow cap and for road bike tubes and tires that comes in a bottle with a red cap.

Our tubeless valves come in both Presta (thin valves) and Schrader (thick valves) and are available in both aluminum and chrome-plated brass. Our aluminum valves are available in the following lengths: 40, 60 and 80mm.

We have:

  • Valve extensions, mainly to be used with our chrome-plated brass valve in deep section/high profile rims.
  • Special gaskets for valves; conical and extra-large that allow you to adjust the valve to the valve hole of any type of rim.
  • Different types of adhesive rim strip to make your wheels tubeless-ready, available in a wide range of sizes. We offer double-sided rim tape + the high-tension plastic rim strip mounted on top. We have our original filament tape which still is a good option but now being slowly replaced by our yellow and black tapes, the latest additions to our catalogue and that offer an optimal balance between ease of installation and durability.
  • Valve removal tool
  • Tubeless kits that include all the material needed to make your two bike tires tubeless-ready. You only need to check your rim size to get the right kit to fit your wheels. The kit contains a bottle of liquid sealant, two valves, rim strip and detailed assembly instructions. Remember that these kits are available in a wide range of sizes to adapt to any wheel rim on the market.

Tire seal kits to repair larger holes or cuts in tires that the liquid sealant cannot cover and available in three sizes to ensure optimal repair depending on the hole or cut. Tire seals in 1’5, 3’5 and 6mm thicknesses that come with the appropriately sized tools for each thickness enabling us to use the right tire seal depending on the size of the hole or cut.

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