X-Tube check probe for anti-puncture liquids

With X-Tube, check the level and condition of the anti-puncture fluid in your wheel in a few minutes. Unscrew the valve core, let air out of the tire, connect the X-Tube to the 100ml X-Sauce injector and insert the X-Tube inside the valve body. Extract the liquid inside the injector in its entirety to see how much you are carrying. Simultaneously check the condition of the anti-puncture liquid. In good condition the sealant is light, milky brown in color, a darker or more tranlucent color indicates sealant is in poor condition. Finally, depending on each case, recharge the amount you need or replace completely, reassemble valve core and inflate.


How to use the X-Tube to measure and check your anti-puncture liquid.  The wheel needs to be still and at rest both before and during the operation in order for the liquid to accumulate at the bottom of the wheel where the valve should also be positioned and aligned (closest to the floor at 6 o´clock).  It is a good idea to suspend the wheel to avoid it flattening on the floor once deflated making it difficult to carry out the verification. Unscrew the valve core and let all the aire out of the tire. Connect the X-Tube to the 100ml X-Sauce injector and introduce the X-Tube into the valve cavity until it reaches the tire. Next, extract all the anti-puncture liquid completely to verify its state and quantity (better state when liquid is whitish and deteriorated state when liquid is darkish).  Rinse out the X-Tube with water after each use. These images show through the colour guide how to guage the state of the anti-puncture liquid.  In good condition, the sealant will look like a white coffee on the contrary the liquid will be dark or tranparent. 

Do you need an X-Sauce injector to use the X-Tube?

Yes it is necessary since the  X-Tube has a connector to adapt to the injector. You can buy the X-Tube separately or with the injector.

Do I need to clean the X-Tube after each use?

Yes. You need to rince well after each use with lots of water to eliminate any remains of sealant liquid to avoid obstruction. Following these instructions, this accessory will last a long time.

Is the X-Tube compatible with both Schrader valves and Presta valves?

Yes, X-Tube is an accessory compatible with both Schrader valves and Presta valves from X-Sauce.